Cappuccinos for Christ

A friend of mine sent me an email a few days ago.  I have been swamped with things that needed
to be done ‘yesterday’ so I am just now getting the chance to write a blog
about it.  Thanks for the email, by the
way, Rhonda. Anyway the email told the story of a mother and daughter
talking.   The daughter was ‘venting’ to
her mother about how the trials and troubles of life were wearing her
down.  The mother took her daughter into
the kitchen and began boiling 3 pots of water. 
In one she placed a carrot, in the next an egg, and in the last some
coffee.  The pots of boiling water were
representing the trials and troubles we face in this life.  Each item that was placed in each pot (carrot,
egg, and coffee) were the different ways we could handle the situations life
throws at us.  The carrot started out
hard and tough, but softened and was changed by the trials.  The egg went in fragile, but became tough and
hardened by it.  But the coffee didn’t
change.  Instead of the coffee changing,
the water changed.  What the writer was
saying was we shouldn’t let things change us. 
We should change ‘things’.  As
Christians we need to be like the coffee. 
Would that make us Christian latte’s? 
Or would it be something like Cappuccinos for Christ?  I dunno, but thanks for the email.


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