Dust to Dust

We had a pretty good Bible Study on John chapter
13 last night and it got me to thinking. 
In this particular lesson Jesus was washing the feet of the disciples
after finishing the Last Supper.  Peter
tried to protest that he was not worthy to have Jesus wash his feet.  Jesus answered if Jesus didn’t wash Peter,
then Peter would have no part in Jesus. 
The symbolism in these verses hold a lot of meaning I have often thought
of in a different light.  We as
Christians are called to walk in the world but not be of the world.  I have found
that very difficult to do.  When you wade
out into the cesspool of the world and rub elbows with the people that have
chosen to live in that particular place, you can’t help but have some of the
stuff you’re wading in stick to you. 
Sometimes we are not even aware of the stuff sticking to us.  Back in the days of Jesus most people wore
sandals.  As the disciples walked the
roads of the world they couldn’t help but pick up the dust of the world on
their feet.  Jesus washed that dust away
because he was the one that could.  He
forgave us the sins that we committed unknowingly as we walked among the
lost.  Then He charged us to do the same
for our brothers.  We are supposed to
help our Brothers and Sisters in Christ by encouraging them and forgiving them
of those sins that they unknowingly commit. 
Perhaps we should help them by ‘gently’ pointing out those sins.   When we do this we cannot forget the parable
about the ‘mote and the beam’.  Before
you go to pointing out the mistakes you see, you better make sure you are not
committing them too.  Above all we must
remember that we are human.  God
overlooked our imperfections.  He loved
us in spite of them.  So shouldn’t we
follow His example and overlook the imperfections of each other?

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