Two Toned

 There’s something I’ve noticed over the years.  A lot of arguments and fights get started
over simple misunderstandings.  It is
usually caused by the tone of someone’s voice when they are speaking.  If you take a sentence meant to be helpful
and change the tone in which you deliver, or say it then it changes the way it
is received by different individuals. 
Many times the statement that caused a fight or argument was not meant
in mean spirit or a condescending attitude, but the tone in which it was
delivered changed the reception of the statement.  I’ve seen fights started over someone taking
a statement the wrong way.  I’ve even
caused arguments because what I’ve said is said with the wrong tone.  I didn’t mean for it to be taken in the way
it was received.  James, the wise
disciple warned us of the danger of our words. 
We don’t really realize what a terrible rift they can create in
friendships and relationships.  As a
cautionary measure, I try to think about what I’m going to say before I say
it.  That backfires sometimes too.  I have a sarcastic attitude that tends to
take over if I am not careful.  So I tend
to have to bite my tongue.  A lot. But
all I can do is try to regulate my tone of voice, and let it temper my
words.  I suppose all I really wanted to
pass on to all of those reading this is that tone means a lot when interacting
with people.  Don’t fall into the trap of
speaking offhandedly.  Think carefully
over what your about to say as well as HOW your about to say it.  It may save you some grief in the future.


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