This Too Shall Pass

I cannot tell you why we must face the trials of this
world.  I cannot pretend to know God’s
mind.  I am just a soldier following
orders.  I know that we are judged by the
world on HOW we face these trials.  The
way we react to this life and it’s heartache and sorrow.  We must face it with determination and faith
that God has all things under his control. 
We are the lighthouse in the storm giving hope to those lost in the
darkness.  We must be strong in all
things.  In the good times and the
bad.  Especially in the bad.  It’s easy to walk the walk in good
times.  I have a bad tendency to stumble
in the bad times.  This is why I am fond
of the book of Job.  I can see where he
was coming from.  I have never had it as
bad as poor Ol’ Job, but I feel like it sometimes.  Sometimes we just have to grit our teeth,
hold the rudder straight and smile into the storm.  Remember; This too shall pass.


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