A Call To Arms

As I started work on the third book to the Heavy Metal
Cowboy series, Captain Gabriel Davin spoke to me.  I was actually writing a quote from his
journal.  It was very observant of
him.  He was talking about how we like
things to be ‘safe’, and how if we can’t have them safe we at least give them
the illusion of being safe.  This is how
we form our comfort zone.  If we are in
our comfort zone then everything is right with the world.  Until something shatters that illusion.  Life is not safe.  Right at this very moment a war is being
waged.  It is an unseen war, and we as
Christians are standing on the front lines whether we want to be or not.  God wants us to step out of that comfort zone
and stop using our illusions of safety as excuses.  We are to be the light that leads lost souls
to the Lord and we can’t do that by being ‘safe’ in our comfort zones.  We must step out and step up.  This is what is required of us by the living
God.  By my God.


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