Why Bother?

Why even bother?  I am
constantly being bombarded with tasks, trials, troubles and an insane amount of
negatives that I must deal with on a daily basis.  Why should I bother to walk upright under
this heavy load?  Why not shout out an
expletive? I sometimes find these questions that I pose to myself hard to
answer.  I wonder if it makes any
difference in the bigger scheme of things. 
Then I think of the people in my life who influence me in the simple way
that they interact with me.  One little
piece of advice or one little phrase they may have spoken within my hearing
could persuade me to choose differently in the way I live my life.  You may never know whose life you may be
influencing with the way you talk and the way you act.  You may never know if something you said or
did affected someone so profoundly that they change their lifestyles because of
it.  So we have to work diligently and
make sure the words we say, and our actions are in accord with what we truly
believe.  You never know.  That young boy that cuts your grass or that
neighbor’s kid you keep may one day be the President of the United States.  And words that you say may be influencing
them.  Look around. Who are you


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