Which Jesus?

Which Jesus is yours? 
How many of them are there?  How
do I know which is the ‘real’ Jesus? 
Questions, questions, questions! 
We as Christians should know who Jesus is, but I have discovered that
underneath the all encompassing title of ‘Christian’ that there are many
different versions of God’s Son.  How do
we know which is real.  This is a hard
question to answer.  Those that know me,
know I was raised Missionary Baptist.  I
have gone to Church almost every Sunday for as long as I can remember.  But it wasn’t until I was almost 32 years old
(that can’t be right, I’m not THAT old) that I decided that, if I was going to
BE a Christian, I needed to KNOW what I believed.  In order to KNOW what I believed I had to
read the Bible.  So I sat down and
started reading.  It took me 3 years to
read, and I am not a slow reader.  I read
out of the KJV (King James Version)  to
start out with.  I read 80 percent of the
Old Testament from it.  Then someone gave
me a NIV and I finished up the Bible reading from it, BUT I still put more
faith in the KJV.  The NIV includes some
passages that were in question, and left out some passages that the majority
believed should have been included (I’m not sure why).  Yes it was difficult, but if we are to stand
face to face with the Great Adversary on the Battlefield we need to KNOW what
it is we stand for.  You better believe
the Devil has read the Bible.  He knows
it backwards and forwards.  So what
chance do we stand, if we don’t know what we stand on?  I am not an expert on the Bible.  I find new things in it every time I open
it.  But reading the Bible showed me
which of these versions of Jesus I needed to put my faith in.  


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