Good And Faithful Servant

All of Life is a great refinery.  Just one huge factory that continues to circulate us through its gears.  We are crushed by emotional situations and ground down by personal crises until we are reformed and remade into what our choices determine us to become.  If our choices are good, we become better people and better able to handle the next rotation of the big grist mill.  At times I get discouraged as I think of all the revolutions of that grinding wheel that I have yet to go through, but I know that these situations change us and form us into what we need to be in order to serve His purpose.  I want to serve His purpose.  I want to be a drawing light to the lost souls of the world.  I want to stand boldly and raise up His name.  When I reach the end of my Journey I want to be able to bow before God and for Him to say; “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”   It is this thought that keeps me going and gives me the strength to continue on for another turn of the wheel.  Those of you that read my blog, pray for me that I will always be found doing His will, and advancing His Kingdom.


4 responses to “Good And Faithful Servant

  1. Have you been listening into my thoughts? I have been thinking – and even saying – that to get to where I want to be I have to stop “playing small” and step out boldly in faith, following His will. You will be in my prayers because I know that the consistent walk can be the toughest one.

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