The Devil’s Fingerprint

An icy fear has gripped me as I zoom my perspective of the world out.  I did not realize just how much the Devil has his claws into America.  We see things that are truly horrific and the human mind glosses them over.  Movies and TV have served to de-sensitize us as a nation.  Things we see everyday now would’ve shocked people in our grandfather’s day.  And we as Christians gloss it over.  We need to stop denying that there is a need to hear the message just outside our doors.  No, I am not saying cancel all the mission trips, I am simply saying don’t forget about the mission field right outside.  The mission field where evil is presented as being ‘cool’ and the Devil is convincing us that we need to give up our freedoms so that we don’t offend other people’s freedom.  America needs to wake up and show the world what a true Christian Nation is, instead of what we have as a ‘super power’ have presented.  Let’s take the time Tuesday to wipe away the Devil’s Fingerprint on our small part of America.



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