A Christmas Wish

As we approach the day we celebrate as the birth of Christ, we look over our lives and see all that we should be thankful for. We begin to count our blessings and are truly amazed at all that the Father has trusted into our care and keeping. Our friends, and family. Our kinfolk, and our neighbors. All of our possessions and the jobs that we have that enable us to pay for those Christmas presents for those that we love. Those little gifts and trinkets that we give to those close to us to tell them we love them and were thinking of them. These are the gifts that God has granted us in the celebration of the birth of his son. Let’s not forget to give gifts to Him in return. I’m not talking about monetary or physical gifts. Let’s give Him the gift that He most desires. Our love and devotion. Take a moment to think of all the blessings He has granted you this year and thank Him for them. Take just a few minutes in the quiet of your break time or nap time or even the dark of the night and just BE with Him. Focus your heart, mind and spirit on Him and revel in His love for you. Christmas is a season to remember the birth of God’s only Son who came to Earth to die at our hands so that we may be saved from the consequences of our sin. When the day gets hectic and our tempers run short remember those blessings and the sacrifice God made for us. Merry Christmas and May God Bless and Keep You All through this Holiday Season.


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