A New Day

Dear Lord, please give me a new day.  I have spoiled this one and need to start over.  That was partr of a poem I heard on the RZIM podcast today.  It made me think.  Sometimes I feel like that.  Well, really I feel like that a lot of the time.  When I mess up I have trouble letting it go.  I know that God has no problem forgiving my sins, and He understands when we make mistakes.  So why do I insist on carrying it along with me through the day.  I made the mistake.  I’m sorry for it.  I have asked for forgiveness for it.  I should let it go.  I find sometimes that that is easier said than done.  I tend to beat myself up over those mistakes even knowing that I have received the forgiveness of God.  It’s just one more lesson I need to work on, applying it to my life.


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