Pet Cemetary?

Jesus never spoke on animals having souls.  He never says anything about whether or not animals go to Heaven, and this concerns some people.  I used to believe that animals didn’t have souls, but I may have found an alternative theory that I just recently thought about.  I have no Biblical passages to back up the theory, but I don’t know of any Biblical Truths that it would violate either.  I believe that there are BOTH animals with and without souls.  Here is my theory.  When a person takes an animal into their homes, they in effect begin to invest in that animal.  Be it from birth or later on in life.  The longer that animals stay with that particular person, the more that person invest a part of themselves in that animal.  But WHAT exactly are you investing into those animals?  Is it time? Love?  Regardless of what it is you are investing, I think maybe it is a little bit of your soul that you are giving.  Regardless of whether it is a dark or light part.  I don’t think you diminish your soul by doing this.  I think maybe you enhance it in some cases.  In effect maybe your animal does become a part of your family, and maybe it will rejoin you in Heaven.  I’m not really certain, but it sounds plausible.  What do you think?


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