Time To Move

If you’ve read the Bible, or even if you’ve only read part of the Bible, you begin to notice a trend.  All of the people that the Bible talks about were just regular people that were put in irregular circumstances.  These great heroes of old didn’t ask for these circumstances (although some of them ask that God use them to further His own glory).  It was usually a matter of them finding those circumstances while they wandered through the lands.  All too many times, nowadays we tend to think ‘there’s nothing for me to do to further God’s Glory’.  People are already feeding the hungry, and clothing the poor.  What’s left for me to do?  I am not belittling anyone, because I have found myself in those same mind traps.  Those people that are doing these great deeds are a blessing in themselves.   What I am saying is God leads us to travel in this world.  He leads us to move from these different towns and cities and to influence those we meet by our actions.  To try and be a sign post pointing the way to God.  To be one of those lights that flicker in honor to His almighty name.  Whether it be actual physical travel or the metaphorical travel of expanding in our jobs or our social lives doesn’t matter.  We are called to spread the good news of Jesus.  I try to do that by my actions and in the way I conduct myself when talking to others.  I ask that you continue to pray for me each time I am asked to present myself in the public’s eye.  But my part is no greater than anyone else’s in the work of God.  I have been granted the ability to expand into other cities and states.  There are others who have an even greater reach than that. What I am trying to say is that we do not glorify God by remaining still.  If we do not move in the Lord, He will not move us.  So if your every day is the same as the one before, maybe its time to move.


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