Weathering The Siege

Vassall closed his eyes and tried to shake off the weariness that had gathered within him.  The Brints had attacked early that morning and the battle had been short but bloody.  A siege of the city had ensued closing off the trade routes and preventing new supplies to be shipped into the already beleaguered little city of Endellis.  There was hope, though.  A few messengers had been dispatched after the first battle, when the Master-at-Arms had realized the battle had come right up to their front doorstep.  If they had managed to get through, it wouldn’t be long until reinforcements would arrive.  That was a big ‘if’.


Sometimes it seems as if the whole world is against you.  All avenues seem to be closed to you and your focus tends to stray to things that are not very productive.  In all these times, there is usually one or two people that offer you encouragement and stand by you through it all.  These people are the ones who are always there for you.  These people are truly gifts from God.  They are the support and encouragement to help you overcome what sometimes can seem like insurmountable odds.  This post is a shout out to those people.  If you have ever offered someone words of encouragement, or even a sympathetic pat on the back, I thank you.  And if not, maybe you should look around you and see if someone close to you needs a little help.  Even if it is only a kind word.


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