Perceptive, Aren’t We?

     Pab walked slowly down the long dirt road that wound through the forest and, eventually passed by the little cottage he shared with his mother and two brothers.  He had stayed out later at Mr. Johnson’s turnip field longer than he had planned.  Now he was going to have to walk through the forest after dark.  He shivered at the thought.  Some said the ghosts of a long dead army haunted those woods after the sun went down.  Some claimed bandits had set up camp there, and waylaid travelers passing through there at night.  Pab had lived most of his thirteen years next to the forest, but he had never passed through after sunset.  Darkness changed a place.  It made friendly things seem evil.  He approached the tree line just as the last rays of the sun began to fade.  Fear clung to his heart like fingers of ice, but he knew the only way home was through the forest.  Gathering his nerve, he took a deep breath and plunged into the woods.

     Perception is a tricky thing.  It can fool your mind into looking at things a certain way.  I think a lot of it has to do with your attitude.  There is some sort of connection between the two.  One shades the other and they both blend together to form your outlook on life, or your worldview.  If you have a positive attitude things can seem friendly and innocent.  When the negative attitude rules, things take on a more sinister aspect.  Misspoken words become intentional slights, and accidental oversights become conspiracies.  I have ventured into both realms and, as much as I’d like to shout ‘Stay positive!’, I have to also add a caveat to that statement in the form of ‘Don’t be naïve!’.  I recognize the fact that my attitude affects my worldview, but I must also be aware that the Enemy may use that to his advantage.  We as Christians must face a lot of opposition, and sometimes it is hard to know just how much of that is attacks from the Devil, and how much is just the result of living in a fallen world.  A positive attitude is a beautiful thing, but don’t drop your guard completely.  Weigh each encounter, and trust in the Lord.   Watch for the Truth of these things and count on Him to steer you


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