From Blasters to Swivel-Click Pistols (Author Update)

First of all I want to apologize for my Blog Posting schedule.  I know I have been varying between posting on Mondays and Tuesdays.  That is mostly thanks to the new schedule I have at work.  The way it is working out, Tuesdays seems to be the best time for me to post.  So from now on, I am going to try to make all of my posts on Tuesdays.

Secondly I wanted to announce something new that I have in the works as an author. (Yes, I am still writing on Book 3 of the Heavy Metal Cowboy Series.  It is coming along quite well right now.) But I will be have a guest post on  on November 12th for Book Review Mama, who was kind enough to do a review on “Clockwork Spells & Magical Bells”, a steampunk anthology that I had the pleasure to be involved in along with other very talented writers.  Check out the anthology here:

When I do my guest post for her, I will reveal a link for a free download of a short story.  The world it takes place in is based on my story “Survival” in that anthology. I have truly enjoyed writing in that world, and have a book I am planning to write that is set there.  I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will try to post a reminder as we get a little closer to the blog postdate.  Book Review Mama will be reviewing CSMB all next month, so check out the amazing talent she is showcasing there.

And finally, I wanted to thank everyone from the Friendship Baptist Disaster Relief for the amazing work they have been doing in and around our lives as they have helped us to cope and prepare to move forward with our lives.  Thank you all so much, and may God Bless you all abundantly for the work that you have done.  I have had the privilege to work alongside some truly amazing brethren as they have donated time and materials to our family.  I cannot thank you all enough.

That’s it for my update.  And remember I am moving my post days to Tuesdays as of next week.  Thank you all for reading and for your continued support in all of my endeavors.


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