On Second Thought…

I’ve really been wrestling with the idea of writing things other than the Christian Science Fiction series I have published.  I’ve heard a lot of the controversy of writing in the secular or ‘mainstream’ genres, and I admit some of the arguments have merit.  But what I have come to realize in the last few years is that God gave me this gift of writing, and through my writing I glorify Him.  My heroes in my stories are snapshots of the high moral standards and principles I aspire to. (I don’t always achieve them, but I do aspire to.)  Maybe in writing about them it will strengthen my own resolve to stick to those high standards in those critical moments of choice.  And if, by reading my stories readers also try to hold to those principles, then I have shown them the way to God.  For all good things are of God.  He will always be present in my stories, be it taking an active part or simply guiding the coincidences that help the hero come out on top.  If not to a happy ending, then at least to reveal those truths about life that we all have observed, but don’t always absorb.   And these stories just beg me to tell them.


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