The Whole Truth

We as humans sometimes don’t realize the scope of our ability to change affect our surroundings.  I continuously underestimate my own God given abilities to the point of rendering them near useless for long periods of time.  Especially when I let my guard down and the Enemy gets a few words in my ear.  Usually that is all it takes.  Just a few words, and my own mind does the rest.  I tear myself down from the inside out, not thinking about all the good that God has done or is willing to do through me.  I get caught up in the fact that I am unworthy to serve such a wonderful God.  He created me with the potential to be so much more than I let myself be.  The shackles I have chained myself to in this world cheat me out of so many blessings.  But still I strive to serve.  My wrists are bloody from those shackles that I am constantly pulling against, when all it would take is for me to open them.  They are not locked.  I open them every time I obey His will.  Every time I silence the Enemy and refuse to listen to those lies and half-truths he would chain me with.  The half-truths that say ‘You’re not good enough for God to use you.’ Or ‘How could God love a soul as filthy as yours?’  You want to hear the WHOLE truth? ‘You’re not good enough for God to use you, but He will if you let Him.‘ ‘How could God love a soul as filthy as yours? By washing it in the blood of Jesus Christ.  We as Christians must stand ready to obey His commands.  Regardless of whether or not we feel worthy.  And when He gives us a message to deliver, we must deliver it.  Those words of encouragement could mean the difference between joy and despair to a fellow soldier.  It could mean the difference between someone choosing to do the right thing instead of letting the moment pass without raising sword or shield in defense of our beliefs.  Besides, who are we to judge our usefulness to Him?


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