What Then …?

What is it that is inside us that makes us want to do the right thing?  What gives a person a conscious?  Is there such a thing as a moral compass, and if so who calibrates it?  I have heard these questions over and over again.  I have even asked them.  This is what I find so astonishing about people who do not believe in God.  Did you know that there are some cultures where it would not be wrong to sell your children?  There are places where it is agreeable for you to kill people who do not believe as you do?  Who decides if it is right or wrong?  I have heard people criticize the way I believe.  They say ‘Christians believe that life begins at the grave’.  I would like to correct that statement.  We as Christians believe that life gets better after the grave.  My soul will continue on after this shell has turned to dust.  That’s my world view.  Some people may call that crazy.  Some may say it’s stupid.  I really don’t care.  The way I see it, if I live according to the lessons that Jesus taught it enriches the life I am living now.  It may make it a little harder is all.  My conscious (which I believe GOD placed inside us) doesn’t bother me when I do what my moral compass says is ‘right’.  So at the end, when I look back across all of my choices I will be able to say I have lived a good life.  And even if I am wrong about there being life after death (and I definitely DO believe that there is) I still come out ahead.  You can say that Christians are crazy, or stupid or whatever you want, but if I’m right, what then…?


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