Putting The Cart Before Hatching Chickens

“You’ve got to look at the BIG picture.”

“You’ll benefit from it in the long run.”

“Plan for the future.”

These are all words of wisdom that you hear just about every day in one form or another.  And yes, I do believe they are words of wisdom, but I do have something to add to those words.  One small caveat that really doesn’t need to be overlooked.  Don’t focus so much on the BIG picture that you lose sight of the now.  All your plans for the LONG run won’t help you a bit if you trip and fall in the now.  Planning for the future is all well and good as long as you don’t count on it.  No one is promised tomorrow.  It is a hard fact of life, but it is one we must accept.  It is also one we really need to pass on to our kids.  All these sayings were passed along to me from when I was growing up, and I tried to heed them.  But it seemed to me the more I tried to plan for tomorrow the more things tripped me up in the today.  Looking back now I realize that we are taught things backwards.  I believe its because we want to prepare our children for adult life that we forget to teach them to do the basics first.  You can’t run without first walking.  You can’t walk without standing.  You only learn how to stand after you’ve learned how to crawl.  Teachers are responsible for educating your kids in the academics, but they learn the basics from their parents.  Don’t get so caught up in preparing them for the adult scene that you forget to tech them those basics.  Planning for tomorrow is great, just don’t count on it till it gets here.


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