Only God Can Love Them More

I stumbled around in my Bible Study this week.  My own journey through life is often fraught with me having to constantly go back over my lessons.  This week has been no exception.  Every voice I have heard, and every scripture I have read has told me the same message.  But the message was for me and I didn’t feel compelled to pass those particular teachings on to you through my blog.  Instead, I thought about how much of an honor it is to be a teacher.  It is also a tremendous responsibility.  What you teach, your students carry with them (for good or ill) for the rest of their lives.  Sometimes, if the lesson is useful they will pass it on.  So this week I wanted to dedicate my blog to my very first teacher.  To the woman who taught me so much, and continued to teach me for all of my young life (and if I pay attention she still teaches me a thing or two now).  This week’s blog is dedicated to my Mother, and to all the mothers out there (including the expectant mothers).  Be diligent in all that you teach your children.  Teach them about life.  Teach them all about the things you wish someone had taught you.  And above all teach them about God.  Because as much as we rant and rave about the government taking God out of school and banning prayer in public places to keep from offending others, truthfully it is our responsibility as parents to teach these things to our kids.  Nothing can substitute teaching these things to your children because you teach them with love, and only God can love your children more.


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