A Brief Prayer

For those of you who have dropped by my blog this week looking for words of wisdom and encouragement, I apologize.  I have none to give out this week.  Life seemed to slow down and as I take a breath and look around I am more than a little world weary.  I see good people suffering, and those that are trying to live right being persecuted and I can only offer up my belief that it will all be worth it in the end.  So instead of trying to encourage this week, I am going to ask instead that we all say a prayer for each other.  It is my most humble prayer that those of you reading this find yourselves in better situations tomorrow than you have been today.  I pray that God grant you the strength you need to face the trials that still lie in wait on the road before you.  I ask that he forgive us our failings and that he strengthen our resolve to be good and humble servants.  May He ever find us willing and obedient in His will.  All these things I ask in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.


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