The Ones Already Gone

Some of you out there are missing loved ones right now.  Back in 1998 I lost my Grandfather and it left a huge hole where his shining presence had been.  Not long after that (about 4 years I think), my Grandmother went to join him and my world hasn’t been the same ever since.  I miss them terribly sometimes, and during those quiet moments when I am thinking about them, I wonder at some of the things I didn’t know about them.  Things that they did during their life that I didn’t get to share in.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will see both of them again.  Somewhere at the end of the path we will enjoy one another’s company again.  Until then I can only think fondly of the times that God granted us to share together.  It’s not much, but it does help to keep the pain at bay.  I know you are hurting, but God can see you through it.  It’s not easy, but trust in Him and continue on.  If you have lost someone you love, I want to make a deal with you.  Tonight, when you say your prayers ask God to ease the ache of loss in my heart, and I will do the same for you in my next prayer.  Time doesn’t always diminish the pain that we feel, but by the grace of God we become strong enough to carry it on with us until the end.  He can give us the strength we need; all we have to do is trust in Him.


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