Defining Darkness

“If the blind lead the blind they both will fall into a ditch.” Famous words from Jesus.  Very wise words.  I’ve walked in a lot of dark places in the short amount of time I’ve been in this world.  Saw things I can’t forget.  Did things that I want to.  In my younger years I lived in that perpetual darkness.  I didn’t know there was any other way to live.  People always told me to ‘Plan for the worst and hope for the best’.  In order for me to do that, I was constantly looking at the ‘worst-case scenario’, and by doing that, I was consistently seeing the ‘darker side’ of everything.  It sat like acid in my stomach and ate away at the possibility of true happiness when things were going fine.  The thing I have learned over the years is that everybody has a different definition for happiness.  Some say success brings happiness.  Then you have to define success, because different folks have a different definition for that too. But even after you define all the words that you associate with the perfect life, you will never reach them dwelling on the bad things.  You have to move forward, out of the darkness and into the light.  In the light you can see happiness and all the good that is in the world.  You don’t have to dwell on the bad things.  Look at them, yes.  Plan for them if you think you need to.  But don’t dwell on them or you will end up living there with them.


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