Mr. Turtle

I was leaving work one day when I saw an alligator turtle crossing the road.  He was a fair size, and I thought there was a very good possibility that one of the diesel trucks that haul product to and from our plant may accidentally run over him.  Being of not-so-sound mind and tender of heart, I came to the conclusion I would ‘help’ him cross the road (no chicken jokes please).  So I pulled my car over to the edge of the blacktop in pursuit of my quest.  Checking for oncoming traffic, and finding my path clear, I approached my target who apparently did not know I was there to help.  I placed my hand in the center of his shell, intending on pinning him there until I could get a firm enough grip on him to carry him on across the road.  I tell you folks, that turtle spun faster than any I have ever seen in my life.  With eyes burning like red coals, it opened its mouth opened wide enough that it looked like its head disappeared and it hissed at me with the sound of all the demons from the darkest depths of the abyss.  Now at this point I did what any self respecting would-be-hero would do.  I turned Mr. Turtle loose and stepped back, apologizing profusely for interrupting its journey.  Mr. Turtle continued on his way and I made my way back to my car shaking my head at my own foolishness.  There was a lesson to be learned here, and it took me a few weeks to realize it.  There have been times when I come across people that are exactly like ‘Mr. Turtle’.  I do my duty as a Christian and try to help point them in the right direction.  I’m not sure why, perhaps it is a failure on my part, but they perceive my ‘help’ as an attack on them and their lifestyles.  These people are not ready to hear the truth.  They have no intention of turning from there chosen path and your help is not needed.  In these circumstances don’t think you have to push the subject.  Jesus instructed his disciples ‘if they receive you not, then shake the dust from your sandals as a testament against them and move on’.  You have done your duty in just trying to help.  It doesn’t matter how much we want to help, WE cannot save anyone.  All we can do is be a signpost pointing the way to the One who can.


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