Blood And Water

I’ve been thinking a lot about family this past week.  How that some people value some things more than others, and how some holidays are more special than others.  Being a dad in a homeschooling family, you get to see the impact that your values have on your children more than most.  Children learn from the people that they are around.  The grown ups teach their values to their kids, even when they don’t realize that they are doing it.  When I was growing up, family meant everything.  Money didn’t seem to play that big a part in my everyday life.  I never really had enough of it for it to influence me, but we always had family.  If a family member needed help, you did what you could to help them.  A family member was someone that you could count on, someone who would back you up.  Family ties meant more than anything.  It was as simple as that.  That’s what scares me in today’s society.  I see more and more people turning away from the family unit.  More and more people putting material gain ahead of helping your friends and family.  The enemy has slowly but surely eroded our values as a society.  The family unit is no longer a force to be reckoned with.  With children having babies and young men causing pregnancies and then refusing to take responsibility for the lives that they bring into this world, the children are learning their values from the children around them.  There are those who believe that the family unit is not important.  I say different.  When the world is against you right from the start, all you have is family.


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