Merry Christmas 2013

There are times when I am amazed at people.  Just the awe inspiring diversity of them.  People are capable of such evil and atrocities that it boggles the mind and is an endless source for horror stories, and at the same time there are some that are capable of such love and caring that they inspire stories and songs that echo through the ages.  Those people have their own stories, and my blog today is not on them.  My blog is about the people around them.  You see, those people around them are the ones that help to shape the perception of reality.  If they are constantly pointing out the darkness then it colors the perceptions of the people they are around.  If, on the other hand they are constantly commenting on the good and uplifting …well you get my point.  This time of year you see the good a lot more readily.  Christmas is the time to overcome the darkness and believe in your fellow human beings.  But you can’t help someone out of the darkness by being that way just once a year.  You have to make a conscious effort to be that generous and giving person year-round.  That is what helps to make this world a better place.  By doing that we tip the balance toward the good.  So what are you waiting on?  Merry Christmas, everyone.


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