Just A Fan

I had some vehicle troubles this last week. The electric fan that cools the engine went out. It wasn’t too much trouble to replace. It was held on to the shroud by three bolts that also held a shield plate over the ‘tail’ of the fan motor. These two pieces had to be aligned properly in order for them to work. The problem was that it was so close in alignment that it took me four different tries to get it re-aligned to go back in. You see, if it was turned wrong only one or two of the bolts would line up. It was a simple enough fix, just back up and realign the motor with different holes. It HAD to be one of three ways. Except I mis-aligned the shield plate. This threw everything else out. I finally managed to get it back on. It was just a matter of perspective. My point is, sometimes life can get very frustrating. The more frustrated we get, the less perspective we have on what’s causing the problem. When life gets you worked up, calm down and take a step back. Look at the problem from a different angle. It can make a world of difference.


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