I Win Regardless.

I really like video games. They work out your mind with their puzzles while improving your hand to eye coordination. What I don’t like is video game deathmatches. These are competitions between players to see how many times one can defeat the other. I know I’m about to make a lot of football fans mad with my next statement, but please read on anyway. Competition is over-rated. I would rather play a game in Co-op (Cooperation) mode any day. Why? Because I don’t like being mad at my friend for beating me a gazillion times, or for him to be mad at me for beating him. It does nothing but promote hard feelings between you and your friends. Now, I know all you football fans are saying it pushes you to become better. It gives you something to make you push yourself harder. I dunno, maybe. In my case, I try to do my best at whatever I’m doing. Competition doesn’t drive me. Bettering myself and helping my friends and family drives me. When I was growing up, I was always living in the shadow of my older brother. He made better grades, was popular and had a lot of friends. And he seemed to do it without even trying. I was always comparing my accomplishment with his, and I was always coming up short. Then one day I realized it wasn’t a competition. I didn’t need to compare myself to my brother. He had his accomplishment and I had mine. I can be happy for him in all of his accomplishment as he is in mine. I am proud of him. I am proud of all of my family, and I really don’t want to play a game that is going to pit me against them and possibly stir up ill will. So you see why I think competition is over-rated. I drive myself to become better so that I’ll be a better person, not because I’m trying to beat someone else. This is why I win… regardless.


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