The Dream

I had a dream last night. I was out with my wife, and we were having dinner with another couple. When we left the restaurant things got a little strange(as they often do in dreams). We wandered about the city, trying to get our bearings and find out where we were (our guests were the ones showing us around. It was their city). I noticed that everyone was wearing masks. They were all staggering around, but they were basically headed in the same direction. One of them approached us. It was a woman and she was wearing the mask of some kind of alien. Do you know who you were? She asked my wife. My wife said yes she knew who she had been. Do you know who you are? She asked my wife. No was my wife’s answer, she didn’t know who she was. The strange lady then turned to me and said; Do you know who you were? As I nodded and thought about all of the bad things I had done over the years, I realized there was a reason this woman was asking these particular questions. I already knew the next question she was going to ask. Do you know who you are? “Yes,” I answered, but I didn’t stop with that answer. “But it doesn’t matter,” I said. “If you focus on who you were or who you are, you lose sight of who you can be.” And then I woke up, but the words stayed with me, a gift from God. What will you focus on today?


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