Zoom In

I like change.  As a result my laptop background usually doesn’t stay the same for very long (it’s a good thing I’m an artist-endless supply of them).  Same goes for my phone.  I am constantly swapping the background picture on it as well.  I was doing that today.  Looking through all the pictures stored on it, and I came across a stock picture of a field.  It is one I am familiar with, I’ve used it a few times.  Anyway, it is a beautiful picture of a field of gold, lined with trees, with storm clouds rolling overhead.  Now when I went to set it as my background, it gives me a few options.  You can zoom in or out, and move the picture to only display whichever part of that particular picture you want.  I usually leave the whole picture, but I was craving a bit more change so I played around with it a little.  I found I could zoom way in, where all you could see was either the field and trees or the storm clouds.  As I messed around with it, the thought occurred to me that it was a lot like life.  Our everyday existence is determined by what exactly we choose to focus on.  You can look at the beautiful field, ringed with trees, or the coming storm.  I try in my own journey to acknowledge the storm, but I don’t let it ruin my appreciation for what is right in front of me.  Yes the storm is coming.  There is ALWAYS a storm coming, but if you focus on that too much you will miss the beauty of life itself.


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