Double To Nothing

There are a few words in every language that have double meanings. Sometimes even saying them with a slightly different tone or emphasizing different syllables can completely change the meaning of a word. The Devil has known this for a long time. Known it and utilized it for his own ends. Suddenly ‘love’ and ‘romance’ has been confused with ‘sex’. ‘Darwinism’ has come to mean ‘scientific’, regardless of the fact that is not. ‘Christian’ has become synonymous with ‘intolerant’. Evil has blurred the meanings of words and in so doing, a whole generation of people have been raised without an understanding of the true meaning of such words. What would the Devil have to gain by confusing these words? I can answer you in one word. Confusion. If you can keep someone confused and off balance, they are a lot easier to manipulate. Someone who is not thinking clearly are unsure of their actions. They make bad choices and cause bad things to happen. What people do not understand is that the Devil hates human. God created us and elevated us above the angels. This made him jealous. That jealousy is what prods him to torture anyone he can. And he has done this by simply blurring the meanings of certain words. Without those words, ‘morality’ has a totally different meaning. ‘Normal’ has a totally different meaning. ‘Marriage’ has a totally different meaning. And ‘honor’ has almost lost all meaning in today’s day and age. When you are raising your family in these troubled times, be sure they know what you mean.


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