Double Back

I was looking for inspiration for this week’s blog post, and so I was looking at some of my older entries when I came across one that seemed to fit the situations I have been dealing with lately. So I thought it would be appropriate for me to Re-Share it with you. So we go retro this week with an older post, but the wisdom still holds true.

O’ Malley The Alley Cat

My wife has a Tom-cat named O’Malley (yes, from Aristocats). This cat was gifted to us by persons unknown. I believe he must’ve been abused by a former owner, because the cat has always been very skittish around me, and I have never given it a reason to be. He had been getting better about not jumping away every time I moved and he would even come if I called him. Any way, recently he got into a…territorial dispute with another cat. The argument was rather heated, and I don’t know about the other cat, but O’Malley looked like he had gone ten rounds with a cougar. His right eye swelled almost shut, and looked to be getting infected, so my wife took him to the vet. Antibiotics were prescribed O’Malley was put into the hospital wing of our bathroom until his injuries have time to heal. Since his internment, he has become a lot more friendlier towards me. He hasn’t jumped a single time as I have visited him, and has even asked me to pet him on multiple occasions. My point in telling you this story is simply this: Sometimes God lets us go through battles and storms in this life in order to let us know who we can trust and who we need to move closer to. You never know who your friends truly are until the battle starts and there is more on the line than just words.


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