Warning Cry

I haven’t written poetry in a long time. I think it has been about 15 years, give or take a few, but as I have scanned headlines, and read articles of current events I have felt the words swelling in my heart. So I wrote a new poem for this great country that I love so dearly, and I pass it on to you, my readers, all the while hoping against hope that disaster can be averted. Fearing at the same time that the crystal goblet has already tumbled from our hands and all we can do is watch and wait for it to shatter as it strikes the floor. It is with great sadness that I give you my latest work.

Warning Cry

A cold wind blows across the land,
And devastation follows close at hand.
A once great nation creaks and groans,
as politicians gnaw her bones.
The spring and summer of her years,
Have faded into a fall of tears.
In memory we cried together,
Our enemies in fear were tethered.
Laws we made with honest seals,
Are now corrupted by shady deals.
Arrogant leaders spite the people,
Pointing fingers at church steeples.
They stir up hate and malcontent,
To hide a corrupted government.
With gilded lies they promise vapors,
With plans that only work on paper.
A wink and a nod is all you will see,
While being forced to bend your knee,
To a new world order of poverty,
Where freedom is a bittersweet memory.
For after fall the winter comes,
Revealing hidden ledger sums.
As we start to feel the cold,
Our liberties have already been sold.
Rusty hinges and brittle gates,
Are all that shield our beloved states.
And as the Eagle fights the Raven,
Our epitaph is being graven,
By the petty thieves that we elect,
That lied and promised to protect.
Even if we turn today,
How much of our heritage is left to save?
So with a hollow heart on a bended knee,
I humbly pray for our country.
God turn us from our paths of sin
And bless our country once again.


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