Stephen Dorning was raised in the rural area of Blountsville, Alabama where he attended J.B. Pennington High.  He failed to follow the dream of becoming a writer despite encouragement from Mrs. Betty Alexander, his English teacher in High School.  After some dabbling in Computer Programming in college, and an even shorter interest in electronics, Stephen was side tracked by the needs and demands of raising a family. Throughout the day to day grind, he never lost his love for stories.  An avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy he lists David Gemmel, R.A.Salvator and Jim Butcher as some of his favorite authors.  In 2006 Stephen turned his life to the Church, and serving God as his talents allowed.  Eventually, his faith led him to Mount Tabor Baptist Church. A church he had lived close to most of his life, but had never attended.  He felt that God had led him and his family to this little church, and they became members.  He now teaches the Young Adult Sunday School class there every Sunday morning.  In 2008 a journalist friend, Kathryn Lang asked him to test read her own mystery novel.  The story and encouragement from Mrs. Lang rekindled his imagination and Stephen once more turned to writing as a hobby. He finished his first book at the beginning of 2009 and was entered into the Blount County Writing Contest later that same year. The story was an odd mix of Science Fiction and faith.  It took first place in the contest and was published early in December of 2009.  Stephen currently resides in his hometown of Blountsville Alabama with his wife, Vicki and their four children.


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