Best Defense

I have a not-so-well-kept secret.  At times my mood tends to turn dark and everything I look at is pointless.  For a while I thought I might be bipolar, but eventually I came to realize that I was just one of many people that feel that way I think they call themselves writers).  I’m never really sure what triggers it.  Everything is going along fine, and suddenly the good ship lollipop begins to sink into the mire and the rainclouds of doom and gloom move in.  Over the years I have learned to recognize when I am descending into the ‘valley’ between the waves.  If I actively look at all the positive things going on , I may not be able to stop it, but I can at least lessen the grip of despair that use to envelope me.  I don’t always succeed, and I would like to give each one of my family a medal for putting up with me during those times.  Times when they stand in front of the waves of despair bracing themselves behind shields of positive comments, and generous actions forcing a way through those storms to keep me from drowning.  They really have no idea how much they bolster my confidence, how much they help me through the darkness.  They are my best defense against the depressions of life.  They are invaluable to me.  If you know somebody that suffers these bouts, maybe you can remember this post and it will help you understand.  Maybe you can be their invaluable friend or family member.  Maybe you can be their best defense


Is Horror What We Want?

I had a discussion with my eldest son the other day. Someone had asked me if I wanted to submit a story to one of their anthologies. Usually I am pretty open to submitting my work to all different kinds of publishers, but this particular genre was horror. “It is hard to convey a good message of faith in a horror story,” my son said. I have to disagree. People are placed in terrible situations every day, and usually it is these exact circumstances that make their moral fortitude shine through. It is really easy to put good people in bad situations in stories because the good guy is always trying to help in those situations. So yes, I think you can really convey good morals through the horror genre. That being said, I don’t think there are a lot of writers trying to. Most of them take you to a place you don’t want to be, make you consider things you probably rarely think about, and then LEAVE you there. I guess that’s why I have a little trepidation over writing in that particular genre. I don’t like leaving my readers like that. I want my readers to come away from my stories thinking, but I want them be thinking about how good a certain character acted or reacted. I grew up wanting to be those heroes in the stories, and that’s what I want my readers to want. I haven’t decided on whether or not I am going to submit yet. Only because I am not sure if I can pull off a horror story that leaves my reader in a place I don’t mind leaving them, but I will be sure and let you all know if I do. Then you can be the judge.

Warning Cry

I haven’t written poetry in a long time. I think it has been about 15 years, give or take a few, but as I have scanned headlines, and read articles of current events I have felt the words swelling in my heart. So I wrote a new poem for this great country that I love so dearly, and I pass it on to you, my readers, all the while hoping against hope that disaster can be averted. Fearing at the same time that the crystal goblet has already tumbled from our hands and all we can do is watch and wait for it to shatter as it strikes the floor. It is with great sadness that I give you my latest work.

Warning Cry

A cold wind blows across the land,
And devastation follows close at hand.
A once great nation creaks and groans,
as politicians gnaw her bones.
The spring and summer of her years,
Have faded into a fall of tears.
In memory we cried together,
Our enemies in fear were tethered.
Laws we made with honest seals,
Are now corrupted by shady deals.
Arrogant leaders spite the people,
Pointing fingers at church steeples.
They stir up hate and malcontent,
To hide a corrupted government.
With gilded lies they promise vapors,
With plans that only work on paper.
A wink and a nod is all you will see,
While being forced to bend your knee,
To a new world order of poverty,
Where freedom is a bittersweet memory.
For after fall the winter comes,
Revealing hidden ledger sums.
As we start to feel the cold,
Our liberties have already been sold.
Rusty hinges and brittle gates,
Are all that shield our beloved states.
And as the Eagle fights the Raven,
Our epitaph is being graven,
By the petty thieves that we elect,
That lied and promised to protect.
Even if we turn today,
How much of our heritage is left to save?
So with a hollow heart on a bended knee,
I humbly pray for our country.
God turn us from our paths of sin
And bless our country once again.


Just to let my followers know (yes, both of you), I am on vacation this week so I will not be posting my regular blog. I will be back next week though! For those of you who like my writing, I just finished the first draft of my newest book. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements. I hope to have it out soon!

It’s Never Bad To Do Good

Has anybody ever seen the movie “The Langoliers”? It was based off of Stephen King’s story. It was about these people in an airplane that slip sideways in time to yesterday, only to find out that yesterday was being ‘erased’ by these creatures. The premise of the story was that there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, there is only today. Time was just ‘now’ and all that happened in the past and all that was yet to happen didn’t exist. I don’t agree with the story on that point, but I do try to live like that. The Bible clearly states that we are not promised tomorrow (Proverbs 27-and to clarify the verse refers to tomorrow in these earthly mortal frames that we inhabit). Life is a fleeting thing, and we need to do all the good that we can while we are here. There is more than enough evil and sorrow in this fallen world, we need to stand fast and be bold in helping our neighbors. Tomorrow we may be gone and it may be our neighbors who are left to save those of our loved ones that come along after us. Just one act of kindness could mean the difference between a strong, joyful life and one lived in darkness and despair. It is never a bad thing to do good.

My Life Story

For those of you who do not know, I am an author. I love stories in whatever format they may come in. Movies, plays, audio books, paperback books, e-books. You name it, I like it. I like to think of life as one big story that God is spinning out. He sets the stage and works the cameras, and cues all of the extras. He does all of it that we, as the hero/heroine of the story do not see. The behind the scenes stuff that goes into the making of an epic tale. There are times in my life when I doubt myself. I second guess what I’m doing and yes, (Heaven Forbid!) I even question why He has me taking certain paths. When I come to those times in my own story I sometimes stumble. Then I think to myself “If I don’t do anything, how good of a story is that going to make my life?” I won’t God to use my life to tell the greatest tale it can be. So when I have those doubts and questions, I say a silent prayer and ask Him to guide my actions, and then forge ahead. I may not always choose the best course, but at least I am writing my story. How well are you writing yours?