When I was growing up I checked a book out of the public library called ‘The Wizard of Earth-Sea’ (they eventually made a movie of it.  I wasn’t impressed).  I always loved to read, and had read enough that almost all of the books that the library had that I liked to read, I had already read.  I usually chose them at random.  A lot of times it didn’t even matter what genre.  I read everything from westerns to sci-fi.  When I would pick out a book, I would choose by how cool the artwork was on the front, barring that an interesting synopsis on the back, but ‘The Wizard of Earth-Sea” had neither.  It was a plain hardback book, with a hideous green cover, and the title in small flowing, black script on the front.  The only reason I picked it up was because it was something I hadn’t read that was in one of my favorite genres.  I read that book through in one night.  It was a short, but well written book, and I loved it.  The writer had a way with words that swept you along through his story, transporting you in all but body to his world where heroes and dragons faced off.  I would have really missed out on an awesome story had I judged that particular book by its cover.  People are like those books.  You never can tell what is hiding behind those covers, and if you refuse to read the first chapter because you don’t like the way the dustcover looks, you could be missing out on the greatest adventure of a lifetime.  I know we have all heard this particular piece of advice before, but I felt like we could all use a little reminder with all the hate-speak and political correctness going on today.  So before dismissing that person standing next to you in line, read the first chapter.  You might be glad you did.



Just to let my followers know (yes, both of you), I am on vacation this week so I will not be posting my regular blog. I will be back next week though! For those of you who like my writing, I just finished the first draft of my newest book. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements. I hope to have it out soon!

Through The Corn

I had the privilege to be a guest at Imaginarium in Louisville Kentucky this last weekend. I had a great time. I and my friend, Pete Faust drove up on Friday and stayed the whole weekend, driving back on Sunday evening. The story I want to relate to you happened on the trip there. As we crossed the state line into Tennessee, we stopped into a rest area to stretch our legs. Upon entering the rest stop, we found a flyer posted on the door relaying information about the road ahead. It seems that a collapsed section of the interstate was going to make it necessary for us to take a detour. Pete went in and talked to the attendant while I was taking care of other matters. When we met back at our car he was sporting a small white slip of paper with printed directions on it. What luck, we thought. This would save us some time. We reached the detour area and followed the directions on the slip of paper. After the 3rd turn, the signs and road numbers stopped matching up with the ones on the paper. We continued on a little further before finally stopping to consult the atlas I had brought along just in case. The paper had clearly stated we should turn right and follow the road out to the next turn. Upon checking the atlas we came to the conclusion that it should have been a LEFT turn. That one wrong word cost us almost an hour of time. The moral of the story? Make sure the guy giving you directions knows what he’s talking about before just blindly following his directions. It wouldn’t have taken us but a few minutes checking the atlas to verify them, and we spent that stretching our legs.

My Life Story

For those of you who do not know, I am an author. I love stories in whatever format they may come in. Movies, plays, audio books, paperback books, e-books. You name it, I like it. I like to think of life as one big story that God is spinning out. He sets the stage and works the cameras, and cues all of the extras. He does all of it that we, as the hero/heroine of the story do not see. The behind the scenes stuff that goes into the making of an epic tale. There are times in my life when I doubt myself. I second guess what I’m doing and yes, (Heaven Forbid!) I even question why He has me taking certain paths. When I come to those times in my own story I sometimes stumble. Then I think to myself “If I don’t do anything, how good of a story is that going to make my life?” I won’t God to use my life to tell the greatest tale it can be. So when I have those doubts and questions, I say a silent prayer and ask Him to guide my actions, and then forge ahead. I may not always choose the best course, but at least I am writing my story. How well are you writing yours?

Problems Problems

Recently I came to the conclusion that I had a problem. (Shocking, I know.) My problem is that I am relying solely on my everyday job to generate the income I need to support my family. (Yet another shocking revelation!)  There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, except for the fact that I don’t want to make a career out of my everyday job.  It’s a good job, don’t get me wrong, and I thank God I have one. A lot of folks out there wish they had a good job.  But since I published my first book in 2009, all I have wanted to do is make my writing career, my main career.  The job that supports me and my family.  I have made great strides in that direction (I now have 2 books published and 2 more soon to be), but I am still not even close to where I want to be.  Thus enters my problem.  I have been treating my writing as a secondary career.  It has taken backseat to my everyday job.  This hinders my ability to move forward with it.  I know I can’t (in good conscious) quit my job and expect to live off of my writing royalties (yet), but I can treat it with the same dedication that I do my everyday job.  I go in, I punch the clock, put my time in, punch out and go home.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion I need to work harder at making my writing work.  It may require me to sacrifice some of my free (haha) time, but it is something I enjoy, so it’s not that big of a sacrifice.

From Blasters to Swivel-Click Pistols (Author Update)

First of all I want to apologize for my Blog Posting schedule.  I know I have been varying between posting on Mondays and Tuesdays.  That is mostly thanks to the new schedule I have at work.  The way it is working out, Tuesdays seems to be the best time for me to post.  So from now on, I am going to try to make all of my posts on Tuesdays.

Secondly I wanted to announce something new that I have in the works as an author. (Yes, I am still writing on Book 3 of the Heavy Metal Cowboy Series.  It is coming along quite well right now.) But I will be have a guest post on  on November 12th for Book Review Mama, who was kind enough to do a review on “Clockwork Spells & Magical Bells”, a steampunk anthology that I had the pleasure to be involved in along with other very talented writers.  Check out the anthology here:

When I do my guest post for her, I will reveal a link for a free download of a short story.  The world it takes place in is based on my story “Survival” in that anthology. I have truly enjoyed writing in that world, and have a book I am planning to write that is set there.  I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I will try to post a reminder as we get a little closer to the blog postdate.  Book Review Mama will be reviewing CSMB all next month, so check out the amazing talent she is showcasing there.

And finally, I wanted to thank everyone from the Friendship Baptist Disaster Relief for the amazing work they have been doing in and around our lives as they have helped us to cope and prepare to move forward with our lives.  Thank you all so much, and may God Bless you all abundantly for the work that you have done.  I have had the privilege to work alongside some truly amazing brethren as they have donated time and materials to our family.  I cannot thank you all enough.

That’s it for my update.  And remember I am moving my post days to Tuesdays as of next week.  Thank you all for reading and for your continued support in all of my endeavors.