That Offends Me

As we gear up for the coming week let’s not forget what the season is truly about  We live in an age where it is becoming a popular trend to be offended by something  Even if it is something as simple as someone wishing us a Merry Christmas and even worse we are teaching it to our children.  As we move on through this fallen world,, we must take everything by a case by case basis.  It is the only way I have found that keeps me sane (yes I am sane Did we fool’em? I think so.  Shhhh! You’ll give us away).  If someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, thank them and go on. They thought enough about you to wish you happiness during the holidays.  It doesn’t matter if you believe or not.  If someone says Happy Hanukkah I am glad that they thought enough of the well-being of their fellow man to send good thoughts my way.  I wish everyone believed, but some will not see and I have to be content with doing what I can to reflect the light of Christ.  So now I wish you all a “Merry Christmas!”  If sending hopes of a joyous holiday offends you…trust me, you’ll be okay.  I don’t believe I have ever heard of anyone dying from hurt feelings.


Some Assembly Required

I have tried to instill in my children a sense of ‘family’. What is that?” you ask. It means different things to different people. Sometimes it depends on the situation. To me it means ‘safety net’. All my children are very independent. They have shouldered their responsibilities and tried to do it all on their own. They haven’t always succeeded, but that is all part of life. If you’ve never failed at anything, then you’ve never attempted anything. I don’t look at as failure as much as learning a way ‘not to do something.’ But family is my fall back. Regardless of what happens, I know I can always come back to family. That includes extended family, adopted family, friends who share a bond deeper than words can convey. I find it sad that there are people out there that the word family means absolutely nothing. Any endeavor you undergo requires a solid place to launch from. I have worked hard to make sure that the word family means that my kids will have that launching point. Just as my parents did for me. All that I have and have accomplished is thanks to God for placing me with a loving and caring family who support me in all that I do, and are always there to catch me should I fall. Can you make it in this world without family? Yes, but I don’t envy the person who attempts it. If you don’t have a family, maybe you need to start building one of your own. It doesn’t require being married, or having children. All it requires is unconditional love and being there for the people you choose to make up your family. Life is soo much easier when you share it with family.