It’s Never Bad To Do Good

Has anybody ever seen the movie “The Langoliers”? It was based off of Stephen King’s story. It was about these people in an airplane that slip sideways in time to yesterday, only to find out that yesterday was being ‘erased’ by these creatures. The premise of the story was that there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, there is only today. Time was just ‘now’ and all that happened in the past and all that was yet to happen didn’t exist. I don’t agree with the story on that point, but I do try to live like that. The Bible clearly states that we are not promised tomorrow (Proverbs 27-and to clarify the verse refers to tomorrow in these earthly mortal frames that we inhabit). Life is a fleeting thing, and we need to do all the good that we can while we are here. There is more than enough evil and sorrow in this fallen world, we need to stand fast and be bold in helping our neighbors. Tomorrow we may be gone and it may be our neighbors who are left to save those of our loved ones that come along after us. Just one act of kindness could mean the difference between a strong, joyful life and one lived in darkness and despair. It is never a bad thing to do good.


Hidden Talents

I remember back when I was growing up how I used to sing with the radio a lot. For a long time I never realized I had a decent singing voice. I would sing while I was driving, and while I was working, but I was usually by myself when I did it. Well, by myself or with people who would rather take a beating than give someone a compliment. Wouldn’t want to give them the big head now would we? Anyway, it was a long time before I realized it. Then I had to sing with a bunch of my classmates for Class Night. I remember the song was one of Journey’s, and I knew it pretty well. I used to sing along with it every time it came on. So while we were at rehearsal, I noticed one of my classmates staring at me with her mouth hanging open. It took me some time after the rehearsal was over before I realized why. Apparently I had been singing loud enough she could separate my voice from the others and she was amazed by what she heard. My point in relaying this story isn’t to brag, but to encourage. You see I didn’t know I could sing at the time and nobody told me. If you see someone doing something amazing, tell them about it. Who knows, they may not realize it either, and you just might make someone’s day.

Forgetting To Remember

I’ve always been a little forgetful. It’s usually because my mind is going in twenty different directions at once. No lie, I’ve got five different projects in the works right now. And that’s not counting my paying job. Anyway I proved to myself once again just how forgetful I can be this weekend. I was mad. I usually try to hook up on the net with my son who is out of state. We try to play a game together and just be part of one another’s lives over the great distances between us, but this particular weekend my router was determined not to cooperate. Apparently some of the settings had gotten scrambled (not exactly accurate, but close enough to give you the idea) and it was preventing us from playing. It was the first time me and my son would have been able to play in several weeks, so I was really disappointed. And I said so in no uncertain terms and with a few words I shouldn’t have towards my router. What I had forgotten was the fact that I was lucky to have that router. Late last year a thunderstorm came through and fried my old router, and I didn’t have the money to replace it. My mom just happened to have an old one she wasn’t using. That little fact had slipped my mind as I searched, poked and prodded, changing settings and fuming because it wasn’t working like I wanted it to, when I wanted it to. Forgetting to be thankful for even having it. I finally got it working right (after many a headache), but I still feel bad about having forgotten to be thankful.

Power Saving Mode

Some days when I am thinking about what to write for my blog my mind goes blank, and I have to sit and contemplate matters for a bit. That was what happened today. And it just so happens that I sat there long enough for my computer to think I had left. It displayed a message, “Starting Power Save Mode”, and the screen went dark. I thought to myself “that’s a lot like how we as humans react.” When we aren’t being pushed or motivated by someone else we drop into “Power Save Mode.” Why is that do you think? Sure it’s easy to sit around and do nothing, or to even vegge out watching television. But what are we accomplishing when we do this? . In order to reach a goal you have to keep pushing toward it, and it’s a lot easier to keep a stone rolling than it is to start it back up. A little enjoyment is fine, but when it becomes part of your daily routine then perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little bit. Just like you have to touch the keyboard or ‘shake’ the mouse to wake your computer up out of Power Save Mode. After all, what are you saving it for?

Just A Few Inches Off

I saw an article on optical illusions today. It was pretty cool. The video showed a bowl that was mirrored on the inside with another bowl upside down and fitted to the top of the first. The bowl on top had a hole in its center. The way it worked was explained in the video, but it basically reflected an almost realistic picture of whatever was in the bottom bowl into the air, hovering in the middle of the hole in the top bowl. It was a realistic picture, and looked solid enough to grab, but it was all part of the trick. If you tried grabbing where you thought the object was sitting you got nothing but air, because the real object was sitting in the bottom bowl, about 8 inches below where the ‘hologram’ was. This reflective bowl dictates how your eye is seeing the object. It warps your perspective and lets you see the object in the wrong place, telling your eyes to ‘lie’ to your brain. Life is a lot like that sometimes. It presents an object or idea, tricking us into believing it is what we want or need and then misleads us into thinking we can take it just by reaching out, when in reality all we will be able to grab is empty air. If you’ve been reaching for a goal over and over again and coming up empty, re-evaluate your goal. If it is worth pursuing, change your perspective and try again. It could be you are only inches away from your mark.

Maybe We’re Pearls

We had a visiting preacher where I attended church at this last Sunday. His name was David Marshall. He preached on heaven and it was a huge dose of encouragement for me. One that I badly needed. Too much has transpired recently that seemed to be conspiring to steal my joy. Anyway, as I listened to him preach, something he said shot my mind off on a tangent (a writers mind has a tendency to do that(a lot of times without warning or provocation)). He was talking about an oyster making a pearl. It was that reference in context with heaven that answered a question for me that my mother had asked me years ago. She asked me why God made this world and all of us people if He knew how bad we were going to mess it up. I don’t pretend to know God’s mind. He gives us examples of what He is like in the Bible. I know the things He does for me and my family, but I know that (as a mortal) I can’t possibly understand the workings of His mind. That being said I have come up with a theory of ‘why’. People say that science and religion are mutually exclusive, but I don’t believe that is true. I think one walks hand in hand with the other. They compliment each other and one is proof of the other. That is a whole different blog post though. I mention the science to give the example of the oyster, which I believe is a perfect example of why. The why is to create a pearl. In order to create something as beautiful as a pearl a process has to be started. The inside of an oyster is extremely sensitive. So when a grain of sand or some other particle gets in there and irritates that lining, a process is started to ‘fix’ that irritation. The oyster starts building around the irritant a crystalline coating called nacre. Over time the oyster completely encases this irritant in this beautiful coating. The result is this beautiful gem that is coveted by most of the human race. I thought about that and I realized that that is exactly what we are to God, a beautiful gem, precious to Him. So I asked myself, what makes us so? What qualities is it that He loves? He names them all in the Bible at one point or another. To make a pearl, you need to start with an irritant. God did the same thing. To make us into gems, He had to place us in a unique environment, an environment where all the things that He loved would be an irritant. We either become the gems that He wanted us to be, or we turn away from Him add to the environment, which in turns makes others turn into the gems. All this was a flash of insight that God granted me during Brother Marshall’s message Sunday. I’m sure that there are problems with my comparison. If there are, it is the fault of this simple wordsmith’s inept attempt to explain something that is beyond Him. I kind of like thinking that He is turning us into something so beautiful.

You can find out more about how a pearl is made at;

Just Ask Mike Rowe

I have a lot of friends on facebook. Some of you reading this blog may have actually found me on facebook. Since I have so many friends I get a wide variety of articles, mimes and videos. So much so that I usually only skim through them, but there is one name on the entertainment beat that is usually guaranteed to draw my interest. That name is Mike Rowe. I used to watch him on ‘Dirty Jobs’, and I really enjoyed the show. He is rumored to have another called “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”, but there has been no ‘official’ recognition of that from the current administration. It seems like everytime an episode is about to air…(We interrupt this blog to bring you breaking news from Kiribati…haha) . Anyway, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Rowe. I’ve watched him do a lot of jobs that I wouldn’t have, and he did them with a smile. I realize as a celebrity, Mr. Rowe has to do a lot things he doesn’t want to do (just watch the show!) but the fact that he does it and still keeps a chipper attitude about it is what amazes me. I try to post encouraging blog installments on a weekly basis, and I try to keep it brief for those people with busy lifestyles, but sometimes I find myself at a loss for encouraging words. Sometimes it’s a struggle for me to encourage others because I’m busy trying to pick myself up. Mike Rowe has been a constant source of inspiration. I wonder how he manages to keep that positive attitude through all of the jobs I’ve watched him do, and all the disappointments and setbacks that’s gotten in the way. Is his attitude really as positive as what comes across the television set, or is the disheartened view of ‘Mike Rowe’ left on the cutting room floor? Well that’s my thought for the week. Maybe ‘Mike’ will find a few minutes to answer this question for me. Maybe he could drop by and give us a few tips on staying positive. I think I’ll ask.