When I was growing up I checked a book out of the public library called ‘The Wizard of Earth-Sea’ (they eventually made a movie of it.  I wasn’t impressed).  I always loved to read, and had read enough that almost all of the books that the library had that I liked to read, I had already read.  I usually chose them at random.  A lot of times it didn’t even matter what genre.  I read everything from westerns to sci-fi.  When I would pick out a book, I would choose by how cool the artwork was on the front, barring that an interesting synopsis on the back, but ‘The Wizard of Earth-Sea” had neither.  It was a plain hardback book, with a hideous green cover, and the title in small flowing, black script on the front.  The only reason I picked it up was because it was something I hadn’t read that was in one of my favorite genres.  I read that book through in one night.  It was a short, but well written book, and I loved it.  The writer had a way with words that swept you along through his story, transporting you in all but body to his world where heroes and dragons faced off.  I would have really missed out on an awesome story had I judged that particular book by its cover.  People are like those books.  You never can tell what is hiding behind those covers, and if you refuse to read the first chapter because you don’t like the way the dustcover looks, you could be missing out on the greatest adventure of a lifetime.  I know we have all heard this particular piece of advice before, but I felt like we could all use a little reminder with all the hate-speak and political correctness going on today.  So before dismissing that person standing next to you in line, read the first chapter.  You might be glad you did.


Television In America

Firstly I would like to apologize for missing last week’s blog post. I went on vacation last week and as a result of preparation and travel time I ended up taking a sort of electronic hiatus. It was actually late Tuesday night when I realized I hadn’t posted. Anyway, I do apologize to my avid followers (both my mom and my aunt).

I’ve lost a lot of interest in television now-a-days. There aren’t a whole lot of shows that display any creativity in their script writing. I realized this during a conversation I had with my wife (yes, we talk on occasions). For years now I have been able to ‘guess’ who was the murderer in detective shows, or tell the people watching with me what is about to happen in certain situations (which really annoys them by the way). And it has nothing to do with the information presented in the case, or any psychic abilities on my part. It is the method in which the information is displayed. It is more or less a formula that people use to write the scripts for these dramas. Some people have more success than others at using that formula, but few vary from it. What’s sad is the fact that once you see it, you can’t un-see it. If you learn the ebb and flows of it, you learn not to look where they want you to, but to look at what they are trying to hide in plain sight. The shows that I have seen lately have been extremely lacking in any diverse ways of scripting. This enables me, and anyone else with an eye for plots and such to discern where the story is going. Lately I have found this to be true in the media as well. A cry goes up against the confederate flag and suddenly the media is flooded with people choosing sides and stating their opinions. Someone shouts gay marriages and how the Christians are persecuting them, and again people start picking sides and getting into heated debates. These issues are only as big as you make them. The confederate flag is a HISTORIC symbol. That means it is there to remind us of something that happened in the past. And as for the gay marriage issue, each person’s sin will be judged by God, whether it is telling a little white lie or full blown murder there is no different degrees of sin. Sin is sin. So why is there such a big controversy over these issues? Why is the media and people in influential positions fanning the flames of ‘hate speech’ and ‘unjust persecution’? I think maybe it is because they have become ‘directors’ on the set of America Today. They are following a very simple formula and trying to make you look in all the wrong places. I think maybe it is time for the American people to start paying more attention to what our government officials are really doing instead of the random person pointing fingers and shouting names. Perhaps we need to look in the opposite direction of these so called issues and try to discern what is really going on before it becomes too late.